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Way S.A. Plumbing & Heating in Mountville, PA.
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Complete Sewer Repair & Excavation Services

S. A. Way Plumbing & Heating is the name you can trust for all of the sewer repair and excavation services you need. From digging pools to fixing water mains, we do it all for customers in the Mountville, Pennsylvania, area.
Way S A Plumbing & Heating | Mountville, PA - Repairing Pipe
Way S A Plumbing & Heating | Mountville, PA - Excavation

Excavation Services

Digging trenches, pumping out water, and removing sewage are some of the specialties of our excavation professionals. Dump truck and backhoe services are also available and we offer trenching for sewer lines and utilities.

Sewer Repair

Give us a call at (717) 285-2333, 24 hours a day in case of sewer and water main breaks. Our sewer repair professionals are always ready when you need us.

New Construction

Whether you are building a new property or just remodeling your current property, make sure your excavation and utility work is done by a certified and insured company with a good reputation. S. A. Way Plumbing & Heating is the right company for your needs.

Other Services:

  • Site Clearing
  • Swimming Pool Excavation
  • Demolition Work
  • Blacktop & Concrete Removal
  • Grading